Mission and Vision

We "JTN" is specialized in providing "after-sales service" as a bridge between electronics manufacturers and consumers.
In today's electronics industry, diversity in product quality and price has emerged, and globalization is progressing in terms of production and development. As environmental and other issues emerge, the ability to provide after-sales service both domestically and internationally will become even more important in the future.
We have a strong desire to continue to be the best partner for manufacturers, providing after-sales service in terms of both "quality" and "speed," while enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening brand power.
Since our establishment in 1986, the trust and achievements that we have steadily built up through our relationships with our business partners, customers, and employees are our assets.
Based on the experience we have accumulated, we will continue to take on new challenges. Please look forward to JTN's continued evolution in the future.


Repair Service

- Able to perform a series of operations from receipt of repaired goods to estimation, repair, and shipping.
- With the skills and experience we have cultivated over the years, we can respond flexibly to unexpected events with a broad perspective.
- Establish a database system exclusively for contracted companies and provide it free of charge


Call Center

- Highly satisfactory customer service through extensive technical knowledge and flexible response capabilities
- Customizable to the number and type of operators required by each manufacturer


Quality Improvement Support

- Support for product shipment problems such as outer box damage
- Perform inspections and replacements for initial product defects

Corporate Information

Company nameJTN INC.
Office Location5-7-3 Nissaihanamizuki, Sakado-shi, Saitama 350-0269 Japan
Board of DirectorsPresident & CEO / Tatsuya Nakagawa
Director & Senior Adviser / Eiichi Kameda
Director / Kaori Tsukada
Auditor / Hiroki Murakami